When things need to change - Staying in control

I statements

  • I am supported to plan ahead for important changes in life that I can anticipate.
  • When I move between services, settings  or areas, there is a plan for what happens  next and who will do what, and all the  practical arrangements are in place before change happens.
  • If I move from my home to another place,  the people who are important to me are respected, listened to, supported and  involved in decisions. • If my medication has to change, I know  why and am involved in the decision. • I can plan ahead and stay in control in emergencies. I know who to contact and how to contact them and people follow my advance wishes and decisions as much as possible. • I know what to do and who I can contact  when I realise that things might be at risk  of going wrong or my health condition  may be worsening.

We statements

  • We support people to plan for important life changes, so they can have enough time to make informed decisions about their future.
  • We make sure that staff working in  short-term settings or situations  understand people’s care, treatment  and support requirements and work  in a person-centred way.
  • We talk to people during and after significant changes to find out if their requirements for care, support and housing have changed and to review their aspirations.
  • We talk through changes in treatment or medication with people so they understand the changes and possible implications or side effects, seeing people holistically in the context of their life.
  • We work with people to write a plan for emergencies and make sure that everyone involved in supporting the person knows what to do and who to contact in a health  or social care emergency. We make sure  that any people or animals that depend  on the person are looked after and  supported properly.
  • We make sure that people, and those closest to them, know what to do and who to contact if their health condition, support arrangements or housing conditions are deteriorating and a crisis could develop. We respond quickly to anyone raising concerns.

This will be a fabulous hospital discharge tool.

Chrissie Geeson, Suffolk County Council