Who are the most influential disabled people in Britain?

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The Disability News Service asks 'Who are the most influential disabled people in Britain?'. They have created The List, it aims to highlight some of the many disabled people who make a difference in modern Britain.

The Disability News Service hopes The List will spark discussion about the disabled people who have influence over how we think, feel, how we live and how we are ruled. As it evolves, it should begin to mark out those who have real influence, both in public and behind the scenes, on other disabled people and the wider public, across politics, the arts, culture and entertainment, business, the media, sport, and the disability movement.

TLAP are delighted that Miro Griffiths, Clenton Farquharson, Sue Bott, Michelle Daley, and John Evans members of TLAP's National Coproduction Advisory Group have made it on to the list.