Priorities for 2020 on social care - New Year message from TLAP chair

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“Wishing you a Happy 2020!

“As Chair of the TLAP Programme Board, I look forward to working with you all to re-humanise social care.

“My priorities for 2020 are to make sure we grasp every opportunity to show  what good looks like and how great social care can transform lives.

I want us to assess and question why things go wrong, challenge approaches that are regressive and far removed from the letter and the spirit of the Care Act, and above all, I  want us to keep on shining a light on the incredible work of colleagues who support people to lead their best lives.  

“We must speak truth to power always and unapologetically whilst continuing boldly and fearlessly to hold people to account. This is not about making them uncomfortable, but about moving toward more helpful and constructive solutions.  

“TLAP, as ever, will support the sector to change practice and ensure it is genuinely #makingitreal”.

Clenton Farquharson MBE