Clenton Farquharson is awarded a CBE for Services to Disability, Personalisation, Social Care, and Health Policy

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This honour comes as a testament to Clenton's dedication and passion to drive change that supports everyone to live the life they want to live. Through his advocacy, Clenton has paved the way for meaningful change in health and social care. His visionary leadership and commitment to person-centred approaches have left an impact on countless lives, making him a true champion of equality. 

TLAP’s work with Clenton continues to reshape the landscape of health and social care through personalised, community-based care and support that prioritises co-production, equity, choice and control, and innovation. Clenton reacts to this honour in a statement below: 

This recognition is an extraordinary privilege, and I am humbled to have been chosen among such remarkable individuals. Receiving a CBE is not only a personal achievement but also a testament to the unwavering support and encouragement of those who have been a part of my journey. 

Today, I want to take a moment to express my deepest appreciation to the people who have been instrumental in my growth and success. 

First and foremost, I must acknowledge the extraordinary influence of my wife Joanne as well as my family and friends. Their unwavering belief in my abilities and their constant encouragement has been my greatest source of strength. From the earliest days, they instilled in me a sense of determination, pushing me to reach for the stars and reminding me that no dream is too ambitious. 

I am also deeply indebted to my mentors, teachers, and colleagues, who have guided and inspired me along the way. Their wisdom and expertise have shaped my thinking, broadened my horizons, and motivated me to continuously push myself beyond my comfort zone. Their collective wisdom and shared experiences have been invaluable in my personal and professional growth. 

Furthermore, I am grateful to my friends, whose unwavering support, laughter, and companionship have provided a respite from the challenges and served as a reminder of the importance of celebrating life's joys together. They have been there during the highs and lows, offering encouragement, celebrating achievements, and reminding me to enjoy the journey.