Call for evidence: Personalised support in care homes

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TLAP are carrying out a new project in conjunction with the Care Provider Alliance, to explore personalisation of the care home sector, focussing particularly on the experiences of older people.

We are using the term 'care home' very broadly to cover all elements in the sector (including nursing care registration within a 'care home' setting and new models of extra care type services).

The aim of this project is to both celebrate what is working well across the sector and also to develop a better understanding of what personalisation means within a care home setting, as defined in the Call for Evidence document.

We are particularly keen to hear from (or about) providers who are committed to developing personalised services, enabling older people to lead full and purposeful lives

We would be very grateful for this information to be shared among networks and teams who could contribute to the study. If you have any further queries please email