Working collaboratively with providers -Isle of Wight case study webinar

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The Isle of Wight takes a collaborative approach to working with providers.  It also engages people who access services to co-produce commissioning for improved outcomes. 

TLAP wanted to find out more about how this approach has raised care standards for the Islands residents.  Natasha Burberry, TLAP's Policy Advisor hosted a webinar with two stakeholders from the Isle of Wight to discuss their work in more detail.  

The Working collaboratively with providers webinar, held on 3rd April

Laura Gaudion, assistant director of commissioning and Ian Bennett, the commissioning officer/provider discussed

  • quality assurance and methods to raise standards,
  • market shaping for outcomes,
  • collaborating the people they serve alongside the voluntary & community sector.

What's next?

Do you think you can implement the approaches you have learnt about in this webinar, and what other topics would you find helpful for future webinars? Please email Natasha Burberry with feedback.