Making it Real - how to do personalised care and support

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Making it Real is a framework on how to deliver good personalised care and support across the health, care and housing sectors.

It has been led by people who access services to reflect the reality of how they wish to live their lives as citizens in the community, and not as 'service users' or patients.

The updated version includes contributions from organisations working within the system.

Organisations can make a public commitment to take part by signing up to Making it Real via the TLAP website . There is free support from members of the National Co-production Advisory Group. 

Making it Real has been co-produced by  Think Local Act Personal, Coalition for Collaborative Care, National Co-produciton Advisory Group (NCAG) and national stakeholder bodies representing the health, care and housing sectors. It has received sector-wide praise and endorsement.

"CQC has been privileged to be involved in Making it Real. It is an incredibly useful way to support people in understanding what good and outstanding person-centred care looks like and what they should expect from providers"
David James, Care Quality Commission.

"I like to think of NCAG as our 'critical friends' - they told us the truth, held a mirror up to us and gaive us support so that we can be better and mke more of a difference to the people we support."
Graham Farrington-Horsfall, Lifeways