Webinar: Understanding rights and entitlements in self-directed support - 13th November 2019

Do you know what you’re allowed to use your money for? Should councils be able to reclaim money if you haven’t spent it?

This webinar will unpick the thorny issues that restrict choice and control, and help everyone involved to move past the frustration and disappointment of a system not aligned to the spirit of the Care Act.  Book your place now.

Our speakers are Peter Gay from Personalisation Partnership and Svetlana Kotova from Inclusion London. They will discuss how they have been helping people who access services and practitioners to better understand their rights and responsibilities around self-directed support.  

The webinar is for social workers and staff who assess people’s needs, as well as people entitled to support, peer support groups and disabled people’s organisations. There will be time for questions and discussion. 

Please note: we will be using Adobe Connect for this webinar, so check with your IT team that you have access to this software beforehand. A week before the webinar we will send you the link to the webinar page. 


Peter Gay, Personalisation Partnership

Svetlana Kotova, Inclusion London