SeeAbility's purpose is to encourage people who
have a sight impairment, multiple disabilities, mental health difficulties and
life limiting conditions to achieve their full potential and enhance their
quality of life. We specialise in supporting people who have a
diverse range of needs including autism, brain injury, cerebral
palsy and epilepsy. We take a holistic approach that addresses the
psychological, physiological and emotional needs of each person.
Our highly skilled professional nurses, therapists
and rehabilitation practitioners continually seek to broaden and deepen their
specialist knowledge to support people more effectively and have developed
outstanding awareness and understanding in their respective areas of expertise.
Together with support staff they work as an
integrated team and reinforce a learning culture. We offer this exceptionally
high quality support in either our own customised accommodation or in a
person’s own home. We also personalise our accommodation with particular attention
given to light, colour and textural contrast for people with a visual
impaBeing person-centred is embedded into everything we
do. Especially the way we provide support. Together we discover what is
important to each person through continual listening and learning. We work as a
team and focus on what can be achieved now and in the future. We believe
everyone can achieve. We enable individuals to have a voice, empowering them to
influence the organisation through user forums, satisfaction surveys,
interviewing potential new staff, etc.

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