A new Making it Real is on the way and the process is changing. Contact info@tlap.org.uk to register interest for now.

How people who use services, carers and citizens can use Making it Real

These pages may be useful for you if you are a :

  • person using a service (in social care, health, housing etc)
  • person who funds their own care and support
  • carer, including a family carer
  • citizen or a person in the community (for example a member of a community group or resident's association)
  • Disabled People's and User Led Organisation

Making it Real sets out what people have said they would expect, see and experience if they were using support that is truly personalised to help them live a full and independent life.

It is a set of 26 "I" statements written by people who use services, carers and citizens which describe what sort of support people want.

There are a number of ways that people who use services, carers and citizens can influence the Making it Real programme. In fact, the success of Making it Real depends on organisations being prepared to co-produce their action plans with people.

For an individual person:

  • You can tell organisations about Making it Real and encourage them to declare a commitment to the programme if they have not already done so. Information about what organisations need to do to be a Making it Real site is included here.
  • You can carry out a search on the Making it Real website pages to see if your local organisation is a Making it Real site. If they are, you can use the web links to go directly to their website to check on their progress. In some cases you will be able to provide direct feedback to the organisation on how they are doing against their top three priorities.
  • In order to declare a commitment to Making it Real, organisations will be asking local people to work with them to develop action plans and to identify the top three things they need to change in their service delivery. If you want to get involved in this, it is worth looking out for publicity about this in your local area or get in touch with the Making it Real organisation via their local website. You will see from the 12 step process, that people who use services should be involved at each stage of the process, but particularly steps 2, 3, 4, 6 and 10.

For a Disabled People's or User Led Organisations:

  • If you are part of a User Led or Disabled people's organisation, you can make your own declaration to the Making it Real programme. We are currently looking for User Led Organisations to become Making it Real test sites to help us make sure the process works for everyone.
  • You can join up with another provider organisation or council to become a joint Making it Real site. The best way to do this is for one of the organisations to lead this and to follow the online declaration process on behalf of the other partner organisations. Follow the links here to find out how to become a Making it Real organisation.
  • You may wish to work with a Making it Real site to support them in co-producing their work with people who use services, either by facilitating the discussions, hosting the events or advising on how best to engage people who use services.
  • You can use Making it Real to influence Health and Wellbeing boards, Health Watch.
  • You may wish to use Making it Real as a lever to support engagement of people who use services, carers and citizens in the development of local accounts.

For Individual and organisations:

  • We want to encourage you to share your experiences by getting in touch with us. If you have been involved in co-producing an action plan, it would be good to hear how you got on, and if you have seen positive changes as a result of Making it Real, we would love to share your story. Please click on this link to share information about your story.
  • We can send you a regular TLAP newsletter to let you know more about our work, if you would like to receive this, please register your contact details here.
  • Within TLAP we have an active National Co-production Advisory Group, a team of people who use services, carers and citizens. Further information about this group will appear shortly.

If you want to know more about Making it Real, please download the Making it Real: Marking progress towards personalised, community based support document from here. If you would like information translated into different languages please contact us at TLAP.

Watch this space - we are currently developing some materials to help organisations understand how to involve people in each part of the Making it Real process. These will be available on this website as soon as they are completed.