Personalised care in the NHS and Making it Real

Personalised care is an increasing priority for the delivery of NHS services, to ensure people have more choice and control over the way their care is planned and delivered. 

Changing the relationship between people who access services and professionals who provide those services is critical to good personalised care.  

We now have increasing evidence that  enablers such personal health budgets, personalised care planning and shared decision making result  in better health and wellbeing outcomes for people and more effective and joined-up services.  Putting people at the centre of their own care and support is the golden thread that stitches these enablers together.

It’s clear that the partners who make up TLAP and C4CC, along with the Personalised Care Group in NHS England, are passionate about putting people in the driving seat.  We recognise people as citizens with rights to be equal partners in how their own health and care needs are supported .   We can only get this right if we create a culture that helps people  to ask the right questions and feel supported to express what good looks like for them - not from a sense of duty or to follow protocol, but to really understand what’s important to shaping their care around their own whole life needs. 

Local health and care organisations are now working together more closely than ever before and they are recognising the power of individuals as the best integrators of their own care.  Although there has been a clear step change towards co-production, the system as whole still has some way to go towards this being business as usual.  The Making it Real framework, co-produced by people with care and support needs,  sets out clear expectations about the cultural shift needed in the system and workforce.  The framework is a practical tool that will really help support people who work in care and housing services to put their personal and organisational values into practice and to engage with people who use those services more effectively.

Along with so many others, I came into this work because I believe in those values and the mission we jointly share.  As the sponsor of C4CC, NHS England Personalised Care Group has supported the co-design of the Making it Real framework  and we will continue to champion it to help people get the care and support they need, delivered in ways that makes sense to them.


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