My Falling Down Story

Monthly visits to the podiatrist leave Clenton Farquharson, TLAP Co-chair, feeling frustrated and angry. Images of Michael Douglas in the film Falling Down regularly cross his mind. He describes the difference a personalised service would make and how the Making it Real 'I' statements are a route to achieving the same rights that people without disabilities often take for granted.


Posted on by Shahana Ramsden

Thanks for this excellent VLOG, Clenton. I agree with your 4 key things - all perfectly reasonable requests that don't necessarily require extra resource or funding. You are inspiring as always!

Posted on by Old Site User

The video was really inspirational. I would love to see our vision of today becoming the reality of tomorrow - I believe you will help make that happen. Thanks for sharing your story!

Posted on by Tina Coldham

4 key and sensible things for all.
We kneel at your complicated feet Clenton!

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