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  • Staying well, connected to others and resilient
  • Supporting people to contribute and do things they enjoy

Skull Fades Foundation Empowering and connecting people who experience homelessness


We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity and training to build a positive and successful future. No matter where a person starts in life or what has happened to them on their journey. We believe everyone is a human being first and their circumstances, past, state of mind or their addiction can be treated using a custom-made strategy.

People who have experienced challenges through homelessness or addiction, are often rejected by other people, society and employers despite having confidence,  self-respect, courage and dignity.

The Skulll Fades Foundation was initially founded to provide haircuts, food, clothing, support and advice to Manchester’s homeless community. This is our ‘Street cuts’ outreach service, we soon became a regular sight on the streets of Manchester. We then took our work to the refugee camps of Paris, Dunkirk and Calais.

What is the innovation?

The Skull Fades Foundation Community Barbershop is the UK’s first model of its kind. Our barber shop is staffed entirely by people who have experienced homelessness, individuals leaving the care system, people leaving the prison service and ex-servicemen.

This is a homelessness and isolation prevention model. We teach our trainees the barbering skills, personal development skills and mindfulness techniques to thrive in a positive environment.

We catch people before they fail into a life long-term homelessness.  We provide the tools  and the training that are essential for real lasting change. 

What is the problem this innovation solves

We encourage people experiencing homelessness to stay connected to us and join our program. Our outreaching events have given us the opportunity to increase awareness through public speaking and social media. This is how some of the trainees have become part of the foundation.  Our mission is to help people and eradicate homelessness by giving individuals the opportunity to develop themselves through NVQ and mindfulness training as well a mentoring. 


The Skull Fades Foundation Community Barber Shop was created to be a life changing solution. It is also a homelessness and isolation prevention model that gives people the training, employment and life skills that they need to build an independent and positive life for themselves.

We provide the opportunity to ‘be  someone’ in their community and contribute to others through our ‘Street Cuts’ in which our trainees and volunteers go out into the streets providing haircuts, food, clothing, support and advice to people experiencing homelessness. Meaningful conversations and support provide a level of dignity people desperately need. 

Evidence base

The founder of Skull Fades Foundation, Ged King ,became aware of the  lack of opportunities available to people experiencing homelessness despite the willingness and determination of many of those people to change their lives. Hence, he created the concept of the barber shop, to help bridge the gap.  

The barber shop was refitted by himself and with the help of friends of the foundation.

Today, the barber shop is staffed by individuals who have been trained and mentored, by the Skull Fades team.

Expected impact

It’s our goal to help eradicate homelessness in the city by providing individuals with the skills, self-worth and opportunity to thrive in a positive environment.  The initiative has changed the lives of the trainees, and it's astonishing to see what people can do with the right opportunity.

We aim to open more shops regionally, as well as internationally with the profits that are made; It will enable us to increase awareness and prevent homelessness. 


Since the launch of Skull Fades Foundation, our founder has had the opportunity to feature on BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio Manchester  and TEDx talks to increase awareness; and encouraged corporate sponsors such as Holland Hydroponics to make a difference and support the journey of our trainees.

Our mission is to open more shops regionally and as to date, we are honored to have two barber shops on the run; which continues to add value to our communities.

What would councils/health organisations/local areas need to do or have in place to enable it to develop?

Councils/ health organisations and local areas can build a positive brand around their companies by giving back to the community. This can be achieved through corporate sponsorship.

Our sponsorship packages will pay a living wage for a trainee, It will pay for professional and personal development training including mindfulness, to keep the individual on the right track , ensuring an independent life  and gain a successful carrer.

It will buy the tools and products which each trainee needs to gain (NVQ’s in Barbering) and also contribute the running costs of the shops. 

What would kill it

At Skull Fades Foundation we believe that help from any individual can make a difference. From referring an  individual to us, spreading awareness by following and sharing our post on social media, volunteering and making one off individual donations.

It is our mission that homelessness will be eradicated through everyone’s support. 

Where to get more information

For more information visit our website : skullfadesfoundation.co.uk

Contact us on : 07591298630

Address:  Skullfades 2, Kiosk B, Hereford St, Sale M33 7XN

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