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We are a national partnership transforming health and care through personalisation and community-based support


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Developing the Power of Strong, Inclusive Communities

A new framework to help Health and Wellbeing Boards across England meet the new wellbeing and prevention duties in the Care Act.

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Third National Personal Budget Survey

The survey looks at the experiences of personal budget holders and their carers and is based on the Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool (POET).

Personal Health Budget Holders and Family Carers - (POET 2014)

The POET survey includes people with personal health budgets, whose support is funded by the NHS.

Latest resources

Top Ten Tips for Co-production One page profile & EasyRead

Popular documents from our National Co-production Advisory Group defining co-production and how you can make it happen.

TLAP Partnership Agreement 2014-17 & EasyRead

The agreement sets the framework of work for the next three years drawing upon lessons learnt in implementing personalisation so far

TLAP Progress report: Working together for personalised, community-based support

A first phase review of TLAP's work and impact 2011-14

Getting serious about personalisation in the NHS & EasyRead

A guide to complement NHS England's IPC Prospectus

No Assumptions

A Narrative for personalised, coordinated care and support in mental health for NHS, local commissioners and service providers.