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We are a national partnership transforming health and care through personalisation and community-based support


Collab care report news story

Collaborative Healthcare guide launched

A new guide that shows how small-scale community projects are already delivering major health benefits and savings in communities across the UK.

Person b report

Health and care charities argue that the use of personal budgets in health care reaffirms NHS values

This paper, published in partnership between National Voices, TLAP, Shared Lives Plus and In Control explores the use of personal budgets within the health system. It counters criticism that personal budgets undermine the values of the NHS.


Children and Young People's Personalisation Network

A new page that promotes the Children and Young People's Personalisation Network and also provides information on personalisation of children and young people's services.

Latest resources

Personal Budgets Minimum Process Framework

A web tool to help councils deliver personal budgets with less bureaucracy and expense, and still meet Care Act duties

Getting better outcomes for older people using personal budgets

Latest insights on what does & doesn't work for older people using personal budgets

Developing the Power of Strong, Inclusive Communities

Health and wellbeing boards can use the framework in this report to meet new Care Act duties around prevention

TLAP Partnership Agreement 2014-17 & EasyRead

The agreement sets the framework of work for the next three years drawing upon lessons learnt in implementing personalisation so far

Partner Commitments 2014-15

Summary of partner commitments to personalisation in health and social care

TLAP Progress report: Working together for personalised, community-based support

A first phase review of TLAP's work and impact 2011-14