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Making it Real –it’s what good looks like
In case you missed the hype, our refreshed Making it Real framework on how to do personalised care and support was launched with a celebratory event. The Minister of Care Caroline Dinenage MP, attended and offered her full endorsement saying, “Think Local Act Personal’s new Making it Real guide is an important and practical resource to help make personalised care a reality.”

To make a commitment to Making it Real, you can get involved via the TLAP website.

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Download pdf of the Making it Real document
Tim Parkin blog on Dep of Health & Social Care website
Building Community Capacity practitioners’ network event - 12th December
Our next BCC meeting is taking place in Birmingham. The programme will include our usual mix of policy updates, research and examples of great practice. These events are extremely popular so please book soon.

Book your place via TLAP events page
Care Markets and Quality Forum: Avoiding winters of discontent - 8th November
Are you walking the talk of integration?  Are you struggling to support people who are moving between health and social care services, particularly older people? These topics will be discussed at the next forum gathering in London with speakers sharing how they manage, and what they are doing differently.

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The big #socialcarefuture get together – 14th & 15th November
This is not a conference in the traditional sense. It’s a gathering of people keen to build a positive future for what we currently call social care. It is part of the volunteer organised #socialcarefuture initiative.  

Read here for further information and to apply
Innovations in health and social care
Social connectivity in London’s East End
Social isolation is a serious problem in East London, and one that is being effectively addressed by a free community-led project run by St Joseph’s Hospice.  Compassionate Neighbours is an award winning project which supports a growing movement of people willing to offer time and compassion to anyone living with a chronic, long term or terminal illness, or who is 85+ and experiencing loneliness or social isolation. Interested to share with us your innovation? You can do that by downloading and submitting your innovations form.  

Innovations in health and social care - Compassionate Neighbours
Read about more innovations in health and social care
Personal Wheelchairs
Dylan's personal wheelchair budget film is now live
Patience Young from Hull CCG and NHS England have pulled together Dylan's Personal Wheelchair budget film. The film shows how his PWB allowed him to live independently for the first time and attend university. Hear how this personalised approach delivered what matters to Dylan and provided efficiencies to the wider system. This film follows Dylan's story as he arrives to collect his new chair. See details here and read Patience’s blog about her experience as the commissioner.

STOMP – Count me in! -22nd January 2019
Count me in! is a cross-sector conference in Birmingham for people who are challenging practices which result in over-medication of people with learning disabilities, autism or both. It will provide insights into what has been achieved so far through the STOMP campaign, provide opportunities for cross-sector discussion and help you think creatively about your next step in tackling over-medication. If you are a health or social care professional, a self-advocate or a family carer, this conference is for you. 


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Reports & guidelines you may have missed
Making social care count: free personal care for older people
Independent Age has produced a report that concludes that the cost of implementing free personal care is not significantly more that the government’s proposals, and would enable people to live in their own homes for longer and with independence for as long as possible.

Read the report by Independent Age
Connecting communities to tackle loneliness and social isolation: learning report
The Red Cross has published a report that summarises findings from a learning programme, which looked at how connector services across the UK help reconnect people who are experiencing loneliness back to their communities. The report offers approaches to overcoming identified barriers.

Read the Community Care article & link to report
Shifting Shapes: How can local care markets support quality and choice for all?
An interim report from the University of Birmingham is out. It looks at two aspects of the Care Act which underpin high quality support: first, the council duty to shape local care markets; second, the requirement to support individual choice and control within broader wellbeing duty.

Read Shifting shapes -interim report
NICE guideline on decision-making and mental capacity
The final guideline has been published on the NICE website. An equality impact assessment to support the guideline is also available.

The recommendations have been included in the NICE Pathway on decision-making and mental capacity. There is brief information about the guideline for people using services, carers and the public at ‘Information for the public’.


A good read
Are questionnaires for personal independence payments out of synch with the 'vision'?
‘I try hard to live a good and independent life. But I had to focus on what I couldn’t do, really point it out, because if I didn’t, my Personal Independence Payment might be reduced’.

Read about Ian’s experience, described by health and social care consultant Pamela Holmes, and how it doesn’t live up to the ideal for what we need from a transformed care system that can bring about meaningful change for people's lives.

Read Pam's blog
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