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Podcast – Creating the right conditions for co-production

Could you be doing more to practice co-production, but not sure how? Listen to our latest podcast with Sally and Cat on how to create the right conditions for co-production (6 mins).

See all our podcasts on thinking differently about social care.

NHS Expo 

TLAP and members of our National Co-production Advisory Group are talking at this event. We'll share what we know about the value of person-centred support as the NHS gears up for personalisation.If you're there, support the sessions, and go to the Personalised Care zone for the Making it Real session on Thursday 12.45-1.20.

Self-directed Support – Getting past stuck - event - 24 September

Book now for this event in London with the London Self-directed Support Forum

Stories of success - independent support brokerage in Halifax 

How can independent brokerage support people to achieve their goals? TLAP’s Martin Walker visits Imagineer in Halifax on his road trip searching for stories of success in support planning. Read Martin's article 

How to kickstart digital innovation at your council - 1,2,3 go

"As a former social care commissioner, I understand the pressure to deliver results that improve services and make savings quickly". Read Ed Humphrey's blog

Innovations in community-centred support

Our directory of innovations is for commissioners and providers to highlight community-centred approaches that are having a positive impact on people’s lives. British Red Cross and Dance Syndrome have recently joined. Take a look at the directory.

Care and support jargon buster – new terms added

If you don’t know what a Trusted Assessor does or what relational activism means then look them up in our Care and Support Jargon Buster  Add the widget to your own site to help your users, and submit new examples of jargon to us. See 'A good read' below too on why language matters. 

A place called home – webinar available

You can listen now to our recent webinar with expert speakers talking through the housing policy landscape with examples of progress and aspirations.

Making it Real in Shropshire

Shropshire Council have produced their local account on what it’s doing and future plans for services. They always use real people’s stories to try and show the workings of Adult Social Care. We're delighted to see Making it Real features heavily.

Be More Pirate

TLAP’s Co-production Advisor Cat Duncan-Rees introduced the Be More Pirate movement at an event organised by the South West Academic Health Science Network themed as The Art of the Irresistible - a celebration of innovation in care homes.

You can watch her in action along with other films.

Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) is now on LinkedIn

Please follow us on LinkedIn to get latest updates on all things TLAP.

TLAP Partner news
Dept of Health and Social Care guidance for a no-deal Brexit 

Guidance for industry and organisations involved in health and care about plans for a no-deal Brexit.

Skills for Care Adult social care sector and workforce

Skills for Care reports on the size and structure of the adult social care sector and workforce in England.

LGA - Integrated approaches to community wellbeing workshop

Many local areas are doing some really interesting things and working in an integrated way, but implementing and sustaining these improvements can be complex and finding examples of good practice challenging. The Local Government Association (LGA) & partners will be running two free workshops. One in Leeds on 30th September, and another in London on 7th October. 

To understand how they can best help local partners and ensure that whatever they produce is useful, LGA have developed a questionnaire. To complete the questionnaire, please follow this link: on Monday 7th October  

NICE – People’s experience using adult social care services

NICE - The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence have quality standards which help you improve the quality of care you provide or commission. People’s experience using adult social care services applies to all settings including people's own homes, residential care and community settings.

NICE has also produced a series of resources encouraging better medicines support for people in the community and at home,in collaboration with partner organisations,.

The NICE draft guideline on provision of support for adult carers is out now. Respond before the consultation closes at 5pm on 13 September 2019.

PHE Healthy Communities knowledge hub site

Public Health England have developed a knowledge hub site focusing on healthy communities and community-centred approaches and are inviting people to join. It offers information and resources, and a means by which people with an interest in these areas can communicate with peers.

Latest report National Institute of Health Research School

A report from the National Institute of Health Research School for Social Care Research summarises existing areas of potential research that have been identified for adult social care and maps them against potential funding streams. The intention is that exercise may help with the future commissioning of research in adult social care.

RCOT - A chance to influence future research into occupational therapy

The Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) want to identify research priorities for occupational therapy in the UK. It will take about 10 minutes to complete and is open to anyone with a personal or work-related connection to occupational therapy. You can complete the survey here:  There's an easy read version of the survey now available.

Housing LIN - Championing the Voices of Older People in Greater Manchester: A Guide to Participation

 A report with recommendations to support organisations wanting to ensure that people are engaged with on their own terms and in a meaningful way, from Greater Manchester Older People's Network (GMOPN). ttps://

A good read - why language matters

“We talk of CCGs, CHC, COPD, the CQC, D2A, DOLS, LD, MCA, MSP and NRPF. We attend DST, MDT, MARAC, MAPPA and VARM meetings." A fascinating blog by Bryony Shannon about the complicated and dehumanising language of social care which has itself become a system that left unchallenged will perpetuate confusion barring conversations about good lives. A timely reminder to use the TLAP Care and Support Jargon Buster. Read Bryony's blog.



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