How to kickstart digital innovation at your council -1,2,3 go

As a former social care commissioner, I understand the pressure to deliver results that improve services and make savings quickly.

But this pressure can lead to projects following the wrong path and not seeing the impact on the ‘user’.

As digital transformation in social care accelerates I know first-hand that it is vital that we understand people’s needs in the digital design process.

Why do I know this?  Because for the past 20 months I have been working as the programme manager of the Social Care Digital Innovation Programme. at the LGA.  You may have already seen my earlier blog  in which I write about involving people as I reflected on the first year of the programme.

In the second year of the programme we saw further examples of engaging people from the start. South Tyneside Council worked with a local advocacy organisation and this led to the development of an app to help social workers and citizens get the most out of face to face meetings. The project’s latest is here

How NCAG have been involved

For the third wave of the programme, we linked up with TLAP and the National Co-Production Advisory Group (NCAG) to enhance peoples’ involvement in council-led projects and support digital projects up the ladder of participation. Rachel Mason and Isaac Samael from NCAG steered  projects to make sure they were co-produced throughout.

Experts by experience and how they can help you

I still have lots to learn but I can see the importance of harnessing the knowledge and expertise of people who have used services. To support this way of working it would be good if local areas could access a network of experts by experience who are able to advise on the particular aspect of social care that projects are tackling. This could kick-start local areas on their digital co-production journeys and increase the impact of change.

How to get in touch

To keep in touch with how this years’ projects develop as they reach end of their discovery phase please visit or email

For more information about how NCAG could help you email


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