Meet Imran - a person with mental health needs

Imran is 40 years old and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in his early 20s. As a result of this, he has had several admissions to hospital over the years and lives with his parents, as he has not been managing in his own house.

Imran's needs have been assessed as significant enough for him to be supported by the local mental health team under CPA (Care Programme Approach). He is also eligible for a Personal Budget to support him to meet his needs.

What's important to Imran

  • Getting back to work, Imran wants to work with people
  • Computers and IT
  • Faith (not strictly observant)
  • Sharing experiences of Mental Health issues
  • Attending the gym and losing weight

Daily living

  • When well, Imran is able to manage most aspects of daily living without support.
  • When unwell, Imran needs a great deal of support with daily living, as he is prone to neglecting himself
  • Imran currently lives with his mum and dad, following a recent period of being unwell.
  • Imran is able to manage his money on a day-to-day basis, though there are some concerns about his vulnerability in this area.

Events, issues and concerns

  • A recent incident has caused concern in which Imran was aggressive towards a doctor while waiting for a regular appointment.

Regular health tests

  • Fortnightly Blood Tests (Clozapene)
  • Psychiatrist appointments at least every six months
  • Psychology input following recent incident.
  • Supported by Assertive Outreach team
  • Physical health with GP annually


  • Imran is described as a 'Nice Guy' who is friendly and sociable.
  • Imran is well known in his community
  • Imran is a talented artist
  • Very competent with IT
  • Actively seeks support for his mental health issues
  • Has a supportive family

Health concerns and provision

  • Diagnosed with schizophrenia in his early 20s
  • Admitted to psychiatric hospital on eight occasions
  • Floridly psychotic and paranoid when unwell
  • Not thought to hear voices
  • Slightly overweight
  • No other physical health issues


  • Clozapene