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“Big, broad and bold”
TLAP’s recent partnership event saw over 35 partners come along to focus on the future of adult social care with representatives from the Green paper team. 

There was strong support for adopting a “big, broad and bold” approach to reforming social care with an unswerving focus on outcomes for people.

We discussed how this vision should be based on the principle of citizenship with a care system that does not distinguish between older people and working age people, with co-production on a grand scale.

On the issue of funding and investment, we said it should be directed to developing care and support that is authentically personalised and community-based.

TLAP Partnership event with the Green Paper team
Gathering the evidence symposium
NICE and Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) welcomed people with lived experience, commissioners and providers of care and support, national bodies,  researchers and research funders to a successful symposium; an event sparked by the TLAP report, Gathering the Evidence: Making Personal Budgets Work for All.  

Following presentations from Peter O’Neill (NICE), Alex Fox (Shared Lives Plus and Care Providers Alliance) and Martin Knapp (NIHR School for Social Care Research), attendees debated the gaps in personalisation research and identified priorities for future research.

Enthusiasm for improving the quality and relevance of research in this area was based on a guiding principle of what matters most to people.

A report will follow with proposals for the future development of research and evaluation in this key area. 


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Asset-based approaches and commissioning -19th April London
A topical concern for the care sector is how it can make the shift to care and support approaches that are person centred and rooted in community. But what does this shift entail? 

At a time when decisions are being made about sector reform and there is growing opinion that approaches must change, Think Local Act Personal is hosting a conference that will bring together people and organisations active in this area.

Asset based approaches and commissioning conference
Self-directed Support Forum - 24th April Derby
TLAP is launching a new forum open to all who are involved in personal budgets and other self-directed support options. Key thinkers and practitioners will share latest updates in practice and policy.  Please book your place early as this will be a very popular event.

Self-directed Support Forum
Care Markets and Quality Forum – 3 May 2018
We’re busy planning the next CMQF one. More details will be announced soon on the TLAP events page.

An interview with Alex Fox – Escaping the invisible asylum of our health and social care system
“I wrote this book out of frustration that we are so focused on restructuring organisations and patching up support models, which don’t look very much like they offer lives people want to live, when our attention should be on the people and relationships they house”. 

TLAP interviews Alex Fox, CEO of Shared Lives Plus, about his new book - A new health and care system – escaping the invisible asylum. We started by asking what made him to decide to write it.

Read Alex's blog
Invest in early intervention and community capacity building
Conventional commissioning focuses on managing demand and this results in disinvestment in prevention and wellbeing. Lambeth & Southwark are using an effective approach for tackling prevention and evaluating their spend. 


Read How-to guide part 6 by Clive and Alex
The Cares Family
73% of older people say their isolation is reduced; 81% feel better connected to others; 86% are more able to appreciate the world. These are just some of the evidence-based figures from North/South London & Manchester Cares to support people from social and generational divides.

Read Cares family one-page summary
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Help – good, bad or missing
Do you practice helping people to define their own purpose and plans, and respond to their individual needs? Despite lots of evidence for the benefits of ‘good help’ such as this, it is missing from many mainstream services and social programmes according to a recently published report by Nesta and Osca .

A ‘good help’ award is also currently open for applications with a first prize of £15,000. The deadline for applications is 18th May 2018.

Good help checklist
Full report
A request from Keymn
Calling on personal health budget holders
“My name is Keymn Whervin and I am a lived experience advisor working together with NHS England on the Integrated Personal Commissioning Programme.

“We’re currently carrying out some research on Personal Health Budgets. It’s really important that we learn from people who receive budgets in order to understand what is and isn’t working and how others may benefit from having a Personal Health Budget. The target audience is with Personal Health Budget and integrated budget holders and their carers.  Please share with your contacts. Thank you so much for your time, it’s much appreciated”.

Take part in the survey
A Good read
Do we expect more from the social care system than we do of God?
A thought provoking piece from Richard Humphries, The King’s Fund, following the speech made by Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Jeremy Hunt on social care reform. He sets out some of the “wicked issues that …have led me to conclude that if there a single ‘big idea’ in social care it is that there is no big idea, instead a multitude of small ideas that can work well if they are well implemented, rooted in local circumstances and developed from the bottom up”.

Read Richard's article
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