We need to talk about working carers.

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The number of people becoming carers is growing in line with our aging population and a significant number struggle to cope with the dual responsibilities of caring and working. The result is that more and more people are forced to leave their jobs to become full time carers with a knock on effect to themselves, their employer and the wider economy.   

The Supporting Working Carers report along with the Top Tips, outline ways in which businesses can adapt their policies in order to accommodate, and indeed benefit from, the growing workforce of working carers.

The Working Carers report and Top Tips have been produced by TLAP and Yorkshire & Humber and the North West ADASS regions, in collaboration with working carers, carers groups, businesses, and representatives of employee organisations and health and social care partners.

Clare Coates, Regional Project Manager at ADASS Yorkshire and Humber, said:

"At ADASS Yorkshire and Humber we are passionate about ensuring working carers are supported effectively to remain in work.   That is why we have been working with ADASS NW and TLAP to raise the profile of this group of carers and to explore ways in which employers can improve the way they support working carers. This applies to both businesses and the public sector.  There is much to be done and the Top Ten Tips is a great start and a really useful document for all employers".  

Tina Wilkins, Chair of the North West ADASS Carer Leads Network , said 

“As Chair of the North West ADASS Carer Leads Network I very much welcomed the opportunity to work in partnership with colleagues in the North East and TLAP to produce the Top Tips for Employers.  Supporting working carers cannot be the responsibility of one organisation.  It requires a strong partnership between employers, the public, third and private sector and carers to ensure the right support is in place for carers to balance their caring role with work and family life.  The Top Ten Tips provides a valuable and practical resource to start the conversation towards making this a reality.” 

Dame Philippa Russell, Carers UK Vice –President, said

"As one of the three million carers who have always juggled work and caring for various family members, I warmly welcome the ‘Ten Top Tips for Employers’. 

"They give the practical advice and sensible suggestions that are vital in meeting employers’ needs and above all else enabling those of us who are carers to have an ordinary life – and ensure a good financial future for ourselves and our families!"