Asset based approaches and commissioning - a conference

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A topical concern for the care sector is how it can make the shift to care and support approaches that are person centred and rooted in community. But what does this shift entail? 

In The Asset Based Area, published last year by Think Local Act Personal, Alex Fox providesa vision for how it can be done. In it he describes how asset based practice can enable people who use services, local communities, organisations and commissioners to pool their expertise, time, creativity and resources. Clive Miller’s Asset-Based Commissioning describes a new form of commissioning which recognises the strengths and resources of communities and the need for co-production at all levels of commissioning.

At a time when decisions are being made about sector reform and there is growing  opinion that approaches  must  change,  Think Local Act Personal is hosting a conference that  will bring together people and organisations active in this area.


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