Stories and resources

Real examples of organisations using Making it Real, and links to resources from Think Local Act Personal and National Co-production Advisory Group (NCAG).

Shropshire Council Making it Real local account

Shropshire Council’s annual magazine about adult social care. True stories from real people about what’s worked and what hasn’t, how real experience can trigger change and improvements.

How organisations are using the Making it Real framework

Listen to this short film on how councils and commissioned providers can make use of the framework to achieve good outcomes. 

Recruiting new staff

Using Making it Real, Hobbs Field care home involved people they support in choosing staff.

Ladder of co-production

The ladder of co-production describes a series of steps towards full co-production in health and social care.

Why Making it Real matters to me film

"Three hours a week for socialisation, and that had to include my food shopping", Anna Severwright describes the difference Making it Real will make to her life.

Making it Real example application forms

Examples of good Making it Real application forms from council, provider, home care perspective to help you get started.