Support from the national co-production advisory group (NCAG)

I like to think of NCAG as our ‘critical friends’ – they told us the truth, held a mirror up to us and gave us support so that we can be better and make more of a difference to the people we support. I am looking forward to feeding back to NCAG in the future so that we can show what we have done and be held to account.

Graham Farrington-Horsfall, Lifeways

What is NCAG

NCAG is a group of people who have experience of living with disability and illness, and carers. Their role is to share knowledge and lived experience of personalisation and co-production to influence health and social care policy and practice. The group works with Think Local Act Personal.

Any work in support of Making it Real should be co-produced with people with lived experience. It must reflect the principles and values of co-production. This means people are involved as equal partners in designing their support and achieving outcomes. Read more about co-production and our co-production resources.

How can NCAG support your organisation to Make it Real?

Members of NCAG can offer free support to:

  • Link you to an NCAG representative to make a plan for signing up to Making it Real
  • Help your organisation set up an advisory group
  • Come to events and conferences to talk about co-production or share how Making it Real is making a difference
  • Provide guidance on issues such as terms of reference for advisory groups, fees and expenses policy 
  • Bring together stakeholders to talk about local co-production activity and the benefits of Making it Real
  • Give guidance and validate the stories that you submit to the Making it Real website

NCAG are also happy to develop bespoke support to:

  • facilitate more in-depth conversations about the benefits of signing up to Making it Real or address any specific issues
  • evaluate progress and set new goals
  • capture stories that evidence the impact of Making it Real locally.

There will be some charge to cover expenses of advisory group members related to any bespoke development work.

Contact NCAG to discuss your project

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