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What our organisation does to support people with care and support needs:

Lifeways support adults with diverse and complex needs, including learning disabilities, autism, physical disabilities, acquired brain injuries, and mental health conditions.

Our 11,000 colleagues currently support almost 5,000 individuals who live in our 1,500 supported living and residential services across England, Scotland, and Wales.


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What we will do to Make it Real

Our person centred and accessible platforms, such as House Meetings, Local Forums, Satisfaction Surveys and Quality Checker Assessments, ensure we are regularly asking the people we support, ‘what is and isn’t working.’
By working with members of the ‘Our Voice’ group, co-production and personalisation colleague Champions, Quality Checkers we are continually listening.
Our annual ‘Our Voice’ conference, brings these members together to explore the outcomes from our meetings, forums, satisfaction surveys and quality checker assessments, using ‘Working Together for Change’.
We believe any organisational initiatives for continual improvement should be borne out of and driven by the experiences of the people we support and co-produced with them.
We are committed to sharing our priorities and our progress as part of the ‘Making It Real’ platform. We are currently focusing on ‘What needs to Change’ and our latest co-produced priority is building on and strengthening our Quality Checker initiative.
We are using these I statements:
I can live the life I want and do the things that are important to me as independently as possible.
I am treated with respect and dignity.
I have a place I can call home, not just a ‘bed’ or somewhere that provides me with care.

How we will co-produce and with whom

The ‘Our Voice’ group will work together to listen to the voices and lived experience of the people we support. In our next ‘Our Voice’ conference we will be (for the first time) using the ‘Working Together for Change’ process, to help us identify and capture what is working and not working about the care and support we provide and work in partnership to celebrate and co-produce improvements.

Our experience

We have launched and expanded the Quality Checkers Initiative, which enables the people we support to assess the quality of the support we provide and be empowered to contribute to and drive organisational change.

Ultimately, the plan is to a have Quality Checker (who is always an individual we support) in every one of our 1,500 services.

Please see the attached file for more details.

You can view our experience here.

Download our experience document.