Sunderland City Council Adult Social Care

What our organisation does to support people with care and support needs:

As a local authority we undertake a range of statutory functions for residents aged 18 and above who may need social care support to maintain or improve their wellbeing. This includes carers and also young people transitioning into adulthood. A range of services are available tailored to individuals.


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Name: Lynden Langman
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What we will do to Make it Real

We are working with carers and partners to stimulate and build community awareness and capacity to provide a local response where possible to the needs of carers.

Covid 19 has impacted upon many carers, increasing their social isolation. They are relating their stories with common themes of feeling isolated, unable to plan and uncertain about the future which is negatively impacting upon their emotional wellbeing.

We are refreshing our Carers Strategy to reflect the current priorities important to carers since lockdown. This is a good time to start to use Making it Real to achieve good outcomes . This includes

- the use of technology and social media.
- the use of 'We' statements.
- promoting and developing Carer Awareness courses.

We will work with carers and key partners taking a co productive approach to support the carers strategy and to make the necessary changes.

Working with the Carers Centre ad partners we will take a targeted approach to support the needs that carers themselves have identified.

How we will co-produce and with whom

We will build upon our established relationship working together with carers and partners to develop individualised support with

- VCS partners to promote the identification and support of carers, with a 'No Wrong Door' approach.

- To promote the Social Prescribing model with GP practices.

- With the support of the Carers Centre to embed the strength based approach in Carers Assessments

We will work with Amanda Brown, who has networks with Carers and has participated in strategic work with the council to ensure the voice of carers is heard and achieves good outcomes.