Acute Need CIC

What our organisation does to support people with care and support needs:

Acute Need CIC provides personal care to adults and children with acquired brain injury, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and other disabling conditions, including cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy. We are experienced in working with individuals with complex medical needs including ventilator-dependent clients.


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What we will do to Make it Real

We aim to create pathways for people to access activities and experiences in line with their interests and aspirations within the community and promote an inclusive social model of care. To include them in leading the creation and implementation of these plans and allay their worries and concerns with specific input from a multi disciplinary team. To work with partners and stakeholders in the community to assist them in engaging with things that are important to them as independently as possible. To help improve existing activity networks to enable feedback from people to be incorporated into all aspects of planning. To acknowledge and value this contribution from them in aligning their hopes, aspirations and expectations with activity plans. Acute Need view this person-centred approach to be at the core of care planning activities, creating a safe infrastructure for individuals to live as they want to, seeing them as a unique individual with skills, strengths and personal goals. Acute Need believes that real choice provides real opportunity no matter how difficult the circumstances. Working with Steve and his wrap around care team, we hope to progress these plans.

How we will co-produce and with whom

We aim to use technology to help create a lived experience group to further develop open communication channels working with individuals to discover what they want from life and how to manage risks by thinking creatively about options for safe solutions that enable people to do things that matters to them. By using the experiences of people who have been involved in a certain activity for a long period of time to support another person who is just starting off. Creating a pathway for this to happen.

Our experience

Just before the March lockdown, a young man that we have been supporting for the past many years including his transition from children to adult services, found himself at the cusp of the most important and challenging transition of his life to independent living. The lockdown was completely unexpected and ran the risk of derailing this transition to independent living which had till then taken a long period of time supported by a number of MDT professionals. As the lockdown was announced this young man and his support team found themselves in an extremely challenging position with immediate planning required around day to day living matters as well as urgent arrangements that needed to be made to ensure that all MDT appointments with the various professionals could go ahead.
The team at Acute Need took it upon themselves to set up several alternatives using all ICT resources at their disposal to enable this young man to engage with all MDT professionals remotely and keep all his appointments supported by Acute Need staff. This included, amongst other professionals, appointments with a Neuro Psychologist to help this young man deal with the different challenges he was facing including those created as a result of the covid crisis.
Following brain storming sessions in how to deal with the challenges faced, a number of checklists were developed working with the young person including training and guidance in how to utilise and access online resources and video conferencing platforms safely with appropriate guidance. Also the young person felt that social stories and visual prompts would be helpful in providing a frame of reference whilst at the same time serving as a memory prompt.

Download our experience document.