What our organisation does to support people with care and support needs:

Creative Support currently provides person-centred services for people with a learning disability, autism and mental health needs. We also support people with a physical disability and older people with care and support needs, including people living with dementia.

Our range of services includes supported living, residential care, community support, respite services and domiciliary care. Creative Support is also a major provider of supported housing and we are proud of the quality of our accommodation schemes, many of which have been adapted to individual needs.


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What we will do to Make it Real

Creative Support promotes the independence, inclusion and wellbeing of people with care and support needs. The Making it Real framework provides us with a set of statements to ensure we deliver good, citizen-focused, personalised care:

• We will review all six elements of the ‘Making it Real’ campaign against our current practices

• Highlight any key areas for improvements based on the I and We statements across our client groups

• Create a framework for each element and our approach to embed ‘Making it Real’ in the organisation

• Ensure all staff and service user are aware of the ‘Making it Real’ campaign and how they can support embedding this in the organisation

• Continually monitor our progress and gather feedback on the implementation of this framework

How we will co-produce and with whom

We are committed to an accessible and effective co-production model that transforms the culture of how our services are delivered. We aim to ensure that the people we support are represented throughout Creative Support, as we know that people with lived-in experience also understand how others should be supported.

We encourage the recipients of our support to be involved in as many different aspects of their own support as possible and to influence meaningful decision making in their service communities. This could be by co-producing tenants’ meetings and development groups or organising events and activities at their service.