Choice Support

What our organisation does to support people with care and support needs:

Choice Support is a national charity, formed in 1984, supporting people with autism, learning disabilities and mental health needs.

We employ around 3,000 staff to support about 2,300 people to live the life they choose. The name Choice Support accurately describes what we do. We provide support to individuals based on their own choice and don’t define people by their support needs or the name of a model of service.

As well as registered care and supported living accommodation we also provide a wide variety of engagement and employment opportunities. These include social enterprises, job clubs and activity services.


Wellbeing and independence Flexible and integrated care and support Workforce


Name: Dan Johnson
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What we will do to Make it Real

We are piloting Individual Service Funds across two local authorities. We are using these pilots, and other self-directed support projects, to drive change across our organisation. These changes will see the people we support have greater control of their own lives.

The changes mean we need to approach things differently as an organisation. We will be working towards individualised budgeting and the ability to report on an individual basis. This, along with our changes in support delivery, will help us and the people we support achieve the following statements:

• I know how much money is available to meet my care and support needs. I can decide how it’s used – whether it’s my own money, a health or social care personal budget, or a budget managed on my behalf.

• I can choose who supports me, and how, when and where my care and support is provided.

• We have a ‘can do’ approach which focuses on what matters to people and we think and act creatively to make things happen for them.

Making sure some of our most important policies and procedures are available in an accessible format supports this work. We will also publicise “Making it Real” across our organisation.

How we will co-produce and with whom

We will be involving people we support at both local and national levels.

At a local level we will be working to make sure people have control over the direction of their support. To aid this we are introducing “Staff Profiles” to help people make choices about who supports them.

At a national level we are working on a plan to make sure any decisions made will be co-produced. This will also include involvement in designing and producing resources to support self-directed support.

Our progress on this project will be fed into our board by a director and our “Our Rights Group”.