Community Catalysts CIC

What our organisation does to support people with care and support needs:

We want more people across the UK who need care or support to be able to live their lives in the way they want to, as connected and contributing citizens.
We work to achieve that vision by:

* Helping more people in local communities to use their gifts and talents to enable people with care and support needs to live the life they want

* Helping more people who need care and support to draw on their own gifts and strengths as well as those of their community in order to achieve their vision of a good life


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Name: Sian Lockwood
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What we will do to Make it Real

1. We will be using our regular programme of meetings and webinars to make sure our senior team and catalysts understand Making it Real and have thought about how we can use the 'I' statements to ensure that we in our different ways can meet our aim of people having real choice to live the lives they want.

2. We will use 'Making it Real' to ensure that our strategic planning sessions in the autumn 2020 (with board, senior staff and project staff) focus firmly on our aim and help us understand that aim better.

3. We will use Making it Real to inform our review of our Advice Framework and linked Development Programme for community micro-enterprises to ensure that personalisation is central to all they do.

4. We will work with TLAP and especially NCAG to understand how Local Area Coordination can help deliver 'Making it Real' in local areas

How we will co-produce and with whom

We do not directly deliver services but work with models which have co-production at their heart. For example:

* The community micro-enterprise model ensures that 'success' (a thriving service) is only delivered through effective co-design and co-production

* Local Area Coordination is co-produced with local communities, who then both signpost and are a resource for the people our coordinators walk alongside.

* New projects such as Embracing Ageing and People Doing it for Themselves are co-designed and co-produced with communities and people with lived experience.

Our experience

We held a meeting for all our staff at the beginning of December 2019.

It was an opportunity for our staff to think about how to make Making it Real real in our practice and the practice of the people and enterprises we support.

Staff made individual pledges and we have published those on our website.

We do not work directly with people with lived experience who enjoy the support and services provided by micro-providers, which makes co-production tricky.

Our Advice Framework, used by our Catalysts to advise potential micro-providers is mapped to Making it Real.

Each of our Catalysts is committed to making sure all the micro-providers they support understand and are committed to Making it Real and co-produce the support and services they provide.

We think it is important that everyone in our organisation understands and is committed to Making it Real and so we are running a similar exercise with our Board in January 2020.

You can view our experience here.