Shropshire Council Adult Social Care

What our organisation does to support people with care and support needs:

We aim to thrive through innovation with ‘care for those in need at any age’ and ‘sustainable communities’. Priorities include working with “partners to ensure that the right care is available in the right place at the right time”; encouraging “positive lifestyle choices”.
ASC ensures people can access information and advice, make informed decisions about care choices and take control of their care, with access to good quality support to carers. All enabling independent lives.
Our focus is to promote, maintain and enhance people’s independence so that they are healthier, more resilient and less reliant on formal social care services.


Wellbeing and independence Active support and communities Flexible and integrated care and support When things need to change


Name: Stewart Smith (Development Officer, Personalisation)
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Tel: 01743 257705

What we will do to Make it Real

We are committed to Social Care services being responsive to the experiences of citizens who use services and their carers. Ensuring that people can influence service design and delivery and have choice and control over the services that they access and the quality; enabling them to live life to the full.
‘Keeping the council grounded by ensuring that experts by experience are involved in service feedback, design and development as a matter of course’. (Jon Hancock)
• Holding county-wide Advisory groups to collect a wide range of experiences from citizens
• Listening to, hearing and using feedback from frontline conversations and lived experience
• Facilitating and encouraging partnership working and discussion
To enhance the work of ASC we are working with Experts by Experience to create an Engagement Policy which covers all aspects of expert involvement from welcome packs (including basic information such as car parking details) through to individual areas of expertise, the best way of contributing, the range of opportunities for involvement and effective partnership working.
We record and report impact through publications such as the Local Account, Annual MiR Chairperson’s Report and by reviewing the ASC Strategy Action Plan. We also highlight achievements through an annual Summit of Partnership Boards.

How we will co-produce and with whom

We will engage with citizens by offering a range of opportunities for participation. Citizens will be involved from initial ideas and development through to implementation. We will achieve co-production by:
• Encouraging a creative, positive and welcoming environment within which people can contribute in a meaningful way
• Enhancing communication so that Making it Real voices are fully recognised for their contribution and impact
• Establishing an effective working balance between the trained professional and the volunteer with lived experience
• Establishing structures that are easily understood and allow varied opportunities for co-production

Our experience

Our local account is entirely focused on the principles of Making it Real. Read our local account - experience document - to see how we do it.

Download our experience document.