Making Space

What our organisation does to support people with care and support needs:

Making Space is committed to using person centred, strength based approaches across all services. It sees each and every individual it meets as an opportunity to form a relationship based on reciprocity where people’s skills are recognised and celebrated as part of the process. Staff are valued and encouraged to enrich these relationships. The co-production approach values all relationships including carers, family members and friends. The person is in the driving seat to take ownership and control of their own lives and to decide what matters to them the most.

This approach reflects the mission and values of Making Space,


When things need to change


Name: Paula Spence
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Tel: 01925 581 745

What we will do to Make it Real

• Identify external capacity with the Making it Real Programme and our existing relationship with the Social Care Institute For Excellence to enhance and embed our approach to co-production;
• The Making Change Group to extend membership and participation across service planning, reviewing of person centred outcomes and have a place at the at the table when decisions are discussed and taken;
• Develop an agreed communication plan with partners;
• Develop an agreed plan for Making it Real to extend influence and engagement – including recruitment and selection, expert by experience service reviews, identifying gaps in current health provision and develop recommendations for improved access with partner organisations;
• To embed and report co-produced outcomes at all levels in Making Space – operational/strategic/board;
• To develop an evidence based review to analyse the outcomes of this approach with an external partner;

How we will co-produce and with whom

This continued journey to true co-production will be led by the making Change group.

Our experience

Download our experience document.