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What our organisation does to support people with care and support needs:

Wirral Evolutions are experienced providers of day time services supporting adults with disabilities and those with more complex needs to have meaningful day time opportunities.


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What we will do to Make it Real

We will use a simple process to rank each of the I and We statements against our current practice.

We will produce tailored information materials in the form of the I statements around the six key themes which will be written on cards.

People who are supported by Wirral Evolutions, family and carers will be asked to voluntarily take part. They will be asked to participate in focus groups and others will be supported by self-advocates from Together All Are Able.

The manager of the centre will also hold a separate session for a small group of staff to identify priorities using the We statements.

The right balance between the numbers of people will be considered and, as before, two professionals, with a key role identified as ‘inclusion’, will facilitate the people and parent/carer groups. This could also help to ensure people are encouraged to have their say if they are not confident communicators or communicate in ways other than speaking.

How we will co-produce and with whom

Each focus group (people we support, parent/carers & staff) will be asked to rank statements, using a simple voting system of red, amber or green cards. Red to indicate that we need to do more to achieve this; amber to indicate that we are getting better and green that we do this well. The scores will kept for each theme for analysis and this will inform the 3 – 5 priority statements to be included in the plan. Ways to address the priorities will be identified together with the groups and work towards achievement in a co-productive way.

Our experience

Our experience

We were recruiting for a Managing Director. Because co-production is important to us we felt that practising co-production during the interview process to recruit for the role would show our commitment to bringing about culture change and reinforce organisational values.

Interview process

We worked co-productively with people, initially asking for participants for the interview panel & to select questions to ask the candidates. There was also a professionals’ panel.

The interviewers were briefed in advance on the process and were supported by self-advocates on the day.

A simple scoring sheet was provided to each member of the panel and scoring was based on a voting system of red, amber or green cards with space for comments.

The panel were clear that they had an independent voice in the selection.

We adopted a similar process for the recruitment of Team Leaders.

Post interviews

After the interviews we had a short debriefing session where each panellist expressed their eagerness to continue to be part of future recruitment and we recognised their valuable contributions.

Each of the panellists shared their experiences with peers which has increased confidence and generated even more interest to be involved.

The self-advocates commented that the process will reinforce confidence that people we support are valued and will give them confidence in Wirral Evolutions.

Candidates articulated their experience positively and felt values were demonstrated more visibly and tested their ability to avoid jargon.

We are in discussion around some bespoke accessible training for panellists on fairer recruitment guidance and equality and diversity in partnership with a local provider organisation.

The challenge for the service is to continue to be proactive & further develop and embed working in co-productive ways promoting greater ambition from people.

Publishing achievements on social media will reinforce and embed co-production


-Focus on I statements
-Information in accessible format & manageable chunks

Download our experience document.