Wakefield Council

What our organisation does to support people with care and support needs:

Within Adult Social Care we ensure people receive the care and support needed to live as independent as possible. This can be wide ranging from personal care at home, residential care, extra care housing , to information and advice to help stay safe and well.

A needs assessment is carried out and how care affects someone's wellbeing. We are focusing on a strength based approach, looking first at what individuals, families and communities can, or could do, with the right support, rather than focusing exclusively on needs and problems.


Information and advice Active support and communities Flexible and integrated care and support


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What we will do to Make it Real

Wakefield Council has always been committed to uphold the principles of personalisation.

We have explained the new Making it Real Framework to the groups and they have chosen 3 themes which they felt were priority

-Flexible and Integrated Care and Support
-Active and Supportive Communities
-Information and Advice

We intend to study the 'I' statements and 'We' statements for our three themes and look at how we can evidence and deliver.

An example of this is the councils new strength based assessments that are to be developed in the direction of a ‘conversations’ model. A task and finish group will be established which will include members of the community with lived experience to ensure they have equal input and we can identify peoples strengths, skills and what matters most to them. The Smash groups have already been approached and are keen to be involved with this development. We are hoping that within 12 months these assessments will be in operation. We are also considering coproducing an asset mapping exercise which will complement the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and this will meet both the ‘active and supportive communities’ and ‘information and advice’ themes.

How we will co-produce and with whom

We have visited several peer support groups in the district who wanted to be involved. These included Wakefield SMASH (Self-management and Self-help) groups. The members of these groups have long term conditions that have been on self-help courses in the past.

Other groups include Carers Wakefield district who from their own experiences welcome the opportunity to comment on services and community based support.

A coproduction approach was undertaken to choose the themes prior to the application being submitted and we will continue to work together as equal partners to share our progress, provide evidence and achieve our outcomes.