Active and supportive communities - Keeping family, friends and connections

These I statements are about people leading a full and meaningful life connected to family, friends and their community.

These We statements indicate how to create opportunities to make sure people are connected to their communities and doing things that matter to them.

I statements

  • I have people who support me, such as family, friends and people in my community.
  • I can meet people who share my interests and have the opportunity to join and participate in a range of groups.
  • I feel welcome and safe in my local community and can join in community life and activities that are important to me.
  • I have opportunities to learn, volunteer and work and can do things that match my interests, skills and abilities.
  • I can keep in touch and meet up with people who are important to me, including family, friends and people who share my interests, identity and culture.
  • I have a co-produced personal plan that sets out how I can be as active and involved in my community as possible.

We statements

  • We make sure that people can keep in touch and meet up with their family, friends and people in the community who are important to them.
  • We make sure that people have opportunities to make new friends and build relationships with other people who share their interests, culture and identity.
  • We work in partnership with others to make our local area welcoming, supportive and inclusive for everyone.
  • We work in partnership with others to create opportunities for people to work, both paid and voluntary, and to learn.
  • We have a clear picture of all the community groups and resources in our area and use this when supporting people and planning services.
  • We invest in community groups, supporting them with resources – not necessarily through funding – but with things like a place to meet or by sharing learning, knowledge or skills.
  • We make sure that personalised care and support plans are co-produced and set out how people can be as active and involved in their community as possible, doing things that are important to them.

For all of us working to help personalised care and support to take root and thrive, a large part of our task must be to get alongside and to nurture the sorts of vibrant, diverse, supportive and inclusive communities that will enable all of us, including people with care and support needs, to be active, valued and empowered citizens.

Duncan Tree, Volunteering Matters