Making it Real in detail

CQC has been privileged to be involved in Making it Real. It is an incredibly useful way to support people in understanding what good and outstanding person-centred care looks like and what they should expect from providers.

David James, Care Quality Commission

Who is Making it Real for?

Making it Real is for people with care, treatment and support needs as well as the workforce and organisations working in health, social care and housing.

It should be used by:

  • commissioners and providers  
  • local organisations, the voluntary and community social enterprise sector, self-advocacy and co-production groups
  • staff working in health, social care and housing at all levels and people who work or volunteer in community-based organisations
  • local partnerships and services

Advantages of using it

Making it Real can support organisations to get better at personalisation. It can help:

  • achieve a more positive and productive relationship with people who use services, in health, social care or housing.
  • meet legal duties and contribute to raising standards.
  • guide organisations that do not directly provide services to support personalised care and support.  

For individuals, it can help you think about what’s happening locally, and what needs to change. It can be used as the basis for good conversations about how to make things better.

Six themes of Making it Real

Making it Real is built around six themes to reflect the most important elements of personalised care and support. Each theme has a number of I statements that describe what good, citizen focussed, personalised care and support looks like from the point of view of people themselves. We statements express what organisations should be doing to make sure people’s actual experiences of care and support lives up to the I statements.

Useful documents

A directory

If you sign up to Making it Real, we’ll ask you to share your experiences. Your organisation will be added to an online public directory; you can see what others are doing to Make it Real and be inspired. 


We believe any work in support of Making it Real must be co-produced by people with lived experience. Co-production is at the heart of good personalised, community-based care and support.

TLAP’s National Co-production Advisory Group (NCAG)

Support with co-production is available from the National Co-production Advisory Group, as well as resources freely available on the Think Local Act Personal website.


Principles of personalisation

  • Citizenship. People are citizens first and foremost.
  • Health and wellbeing. A sense of belonging, positive relationships and contributing are important to people’s health and wellbeing.
  • Conversations and building on people’s assets. Conversations with people are based on what matters most to them. Support is built around people’s strengths, their own networks of support, and resources (assets) mobilised from the local community.
  • Choice and control. Support is available to enable people to have as much choice and control over their care and support as they wish.
  • Co-production is key. People are involved as equal partners in designing their own care and support.  
  • Equality and fairness. The diversity of individuals and their communities recognised and viewed as a strength.