Making it Real Documents

What’s in the report

This report describes the Making it Real framework which is a set of statements that describes what good, citizen-focussed, personalised care and support looks like from the point of view of people themselves.

It can be used by a broad range of organisations, including those in health, social care, housing and the voluntary and community social enterprise sector as well as user-led organisations.

How is it structured

The report is structured with free standing sections. These explain:

  • the what, why and how of Making it Real
  • the essential nature of co-production
  • the six themes of Making it Real. Each with a number of I and We statements
  • how organisations can make a commitment and get involved.

How is the report different to the website

The report can be used as a reference guide for understanding Making it Real. The website has more in-depth information, practical examples and guidance. Organisation can register their commitments and showcase the actions they are taking to embed Making it Real. This is displayed in the directory.