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Sheffield Cycling for all Fully inclusive cycling


Sheffield Cycling 4 All enables anyone to enjoy cycling. They are all-ability cycling sessions for people with disabilities or health conditions in Hillsborough park.

The project is run by Disability Sheffield.

What is the problem this innovation solves?

Limited health, exercise and transportation choices available for people with disabilities or physical difficulties. Social isolation resulting from the above problems.


Cycling sessions using adapted trikes, conducted in a friendly and encouraging environment, with an emphasis on fostering feelings of belonging and social inclusion amongst participants.

Evidence base

The project has been running for almost a decade and has produced lots of examples of people that have benefited from exploring cycling as not just a means of getting exercise but a vehicle for fostering a sense of belonging and self-worth.

Expected impact

We expect the individual impacts to be increased health and wellbeing through exercise, increased social contact through engaging in a regular group activity conducted in a friendly warm environment.

Stage and spread (where it is/how much is there?)

The project is almost a decade old, and so is a mature offering. Across the country there are a number of similar schemes aimed at encouraging those with disabilities or physical difficulties to try cycling as a means to improve health and wellbeing.

What would councils/health organisations/local areas need to do or have in place to enable it to happen?

A suitable venue for cycling activities, such as a park with wide pathways and storage facilities for trikes. Funding to purchase trikes and provide training and support to service providers.  Enable  people to use their personal budgets/personal health budgets to access the programme/purchase trikes.

What would kill it?

Lack of secure venue. Lack of initial investment in a fleet of suitable trikes. Lack of continuation funding to enable ongoing maintenance of bikes. Unwillingness to enable people to use their personal budgets/personal health budgets to access the scheme. Lack of people resources to run such a scheme.

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