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Project description

The Buzz is an online platform of videos with accessible activities for people to do at home, such as cooking, dance, fitness, and art. It is hosted and run by Community Catalysts.

What was your response to Covid-19?

We wanted The Buzz to provide fun activities and structure during lockdown, at a time when many usual support services are closed.

We saw that lots of the community enterprises that we support were sharing interesting resources and ideas across  Facebook groups and websites; these have been collated to make it easier for people to find and to cultivate a vibrant, supportive online community.

We were particularly keen to provide good quality, accessible content that was relevant for adults with learning disabilities and autistic adults.

What was different about your approach?

All our videos were made by some of the many fantastic community enterprises that we have supported across the UK. They are small, local and know how to support people in creative ways. We have added a new video every weekday to the Facebook group and these have been uploaded weekly onto the website to keep the content fresh.

What is the impact and benefit for people?

The Facebook group now has 345 members from all across the UK (and a few from further afield!).  Members have told us that The Buzz has provided some colour and inspiration during this time.

Is the solution sustainable post Covid-19?

We’re asking our Facebook group members what they would like to see happen to The Buzz as lockdown eases.  

If people are keen to see it continue  we'd free up staff time or identify funding to pay for extra staff to collate the resources and manage the group, as well as making sure we have a steady stream of videos to add.  

More information about The Buzz by Community Catalysts

We would welcome anyone to join the group on Facebook – search for ‘The Buzz by Community Catalysts’ or click You can also find all the videos at Do join us!