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Project description

Shropshire have purchased Omi Vista Mobii projectors to help to stimulate daily exercise, interaction with other people who use services and alleviate anxieties and tensions.

What was your response to Covid-19?

Shropshire Council has been working closely with providers, in particular those who support individuals who would normally attend day services, they have been able to use capital monies to purchase 5 Omi Projectors.

The device contains over 700 games and programs, it can be projected onto walls/floors or table surfaces both indoors and outdoors and creates an interactive game/activity for supporting individuals sensory, stimulation and occupational needs, as an alternative to their usual community activity, it is also motion censored.

These projectors have now been delivered and each provider has one available to use across their schemes and we have already started to receive some fantastic feedback.

What is the impact and benefit for people?

The use of the projectors in the schemes has brought people together, to enjoy fun activities and relieve some anxieties during the pandemic and lockdown. The feedback has been fantastic, and users have been keen to engage which supports their physical activity and wellbeing. One individual in particular, can be reluctant to get up, out of his chair but he was very keen to engage and take part which was great to see.

Is the solution sustainable post Covid-19?

Yes, the projectors have been purchased and allocated to each provider to share across their schemes that they support. This will continue moving forward, beyond lockdown and we are also exploring other digital solutions that may be of benefit to these individuals, exploring how their needs can be met in other ways.

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