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Project description

The ESTHER Care Philosophy was imported from Sweden in 2016, as part of an innovation by NHS England to test whether successful European models of care could work or be adapted in England. Implementation from 2016 to March 2020 was based on face to face training of ESTHER Ambassadors, Improvement Coaches, running ESTHER Improvement Cafés, learning events, conferences and other tailored support. The impact of COVID 19 meant that new delivery methods had to be designed, moving all content on-line and creating new ways of connecting with the 2000+ ESTHER network.  
One of the new delivery methods is a series of webinars that all in the ESTHER network can participate in, free of charge.

Aim of the webinars:

  • to connect with the ESTHER network,
  • to support their delivery of the ESTHER Care Philosophy and work out how the ESTHER team can constantly adapt its support offer, according to what is required. The reason for doing this is to ensure continued implementation and sustainability of the ESTHER Care Philosophy. 

What was different about this approach?

Moving all the content and delivery on-line was very different to the original way of engaging with people, both professionals and ESTHERS (people in receipt of health and social care).

Many of the trained ESTHER Ambassadors and Improvement Coaches are in face to face roles with members of the public, not working at a computer screen.

The main delivery platform being used is Microsoft Teams and many in the ESTHER network did not have an MS Teams account, or experience of using this or similar applications. 

What is the impact and benefit for people?

The webinars are an effective method of staying in touch with the ESTHER network, working in co-production, keeping the support to the network relevant and continuing to promote the ESTHER Care Philosophy and continuous improvement methodology.  

Is the solution sustainable post-Covid?

Yes, the ESTHER Care Philosophy delivery plan has been updated to include a blended approach to learning events, ESTHER Improvement Cafés and tailored support.

Having worked hard to move all content delivery on-line and supporting access to digital platforms, this option will remain available, even if some activity returns to the more traditional face to face delivery.


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