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What was your response to Covid-19?

Government restrictions in response to Covid-19, led providers in Kent to have concerns around staffing level if a high number needed to isolate, care for family members or had additional childcare responsibilities.

It was agreed that a local recruitment campaign facilitated by the Design & Learning Centre (DLC) at Kent County Council, on behalf of providers, would be welcome to particularly target;

  • people returning to work in social care 
  • attracting people from other sectors

Providers submitted 265 vacancies, in readiness for a 4-week social media and local radio campaign.

This was aimed at taking recruitment pressure off employers during this busy time and to provide employers with pre-vetted prospective candidates to follow up.

What was different about this approach?

Expression of interest forms were picked up by the DLC and telephone contact made for a person-centred discussion to enable the candidate to be matched up to the most suitable vacancy. This approached also helped to highlight the care worker role to candidates and ensure a care role was appealing to them.  The candidate was then recommended to the employer to follow up.


What was the impact and benefit for people?

284 people responded to the campaign with 90% being matched to a suitable job and others were given career advice.

Although workforce pressures eased during the 4-week campaign, 20% of candidates matched to a job were still offered an interview and whilst some candidates declined job offers or decided not to proceed with their job application for various reasons, 24 people have already started work and evaluation is ongoing.

‘I have always wanted to work in care but didn’t know how to go about it, this campaign has been great for me!’

‘Although I worked in the car industry, I have always enjoyed my volunteer work as a Samaritans volunteer and had thought about changing roles. This campaign and furlough gave me the opportunity to go for it and I am excited to become a care worker’

‘This is my first job in care and it is a great place to work, such lovely people and I have had the training I need’

Employer quote; I found the campaign very efficient in informing of candidates’ interest which enabled us to respond quickly to their interest. I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to advertise through you and if this campaign was to run again, I would most certainly recommend your services to my colleagues

More information about Care for Kent

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