TLAP Highlights 2018/19

Added on

Our focus in 18/19 has been personalising and transforming the experience of care and support- chiefly  through the Making it Real framework, which secured ministerial support. 

Challenging obstacles and creating the conditions for transformation- through inspiring events and sharing examples of great practice.


Our key activities

Launching the new Making it Real - how to do personalised care and support.

Reimaging social care - a study in three places. A publication tracking three local authority areas undertaking system reform.

Contributing to national initiatives - Quality Matters, Making Safeguarding Personal, NCASC conference.

Renewing the Self Directed Support forum.


Getting the message out

We developed our digital offer: producing podcasts, films and web resources.

TLAP events

We've increased the number of events we run by 37%. Events and partnership meetings have been well attended.


"My highlight was getting to meet more members of NCAG -TLAP are very lucky to co-produce with such great people" Event participant.