Natasha Burberry has joined TLAP as the new Care Markets and Quality Policy Advisor

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Natasha Burberry

Natasha has spent over 20 years working in health, adult social care and regulation in various roles such as workforce planning, procurement, performance analytics and improvement planning. 

Besides managing the Care Markets and Quality programme for TLAP she’ll be dividing her time with managing the Eastern Sector Led Improvement Programme for Adult Social Care in East of England.

Her experience will bring a wealth of insights and intelligence to both roles as she will be busy supporting networks ranging from prevention & personalisation, through to market shaping & commissioning, performance intelligence, transfers of care.

Natasha is committed to improving outcomes by making sure improvement is targeted, and values the positive impact of working in co-production. For example she helped co-produce a toolkit for adult social care which measured how well it is delivered using I statements similar to the TLAP Making it Real framework. 

Natasha Burberry says, "I am delighted to be joining TLAP and to help address the market and quality challenges across the adult social care sector with my colleagues and National Co-production Advisory Group members”.

On attending her first Care Markets and Quality Forum in November, here’s a snapshot of reflections on the speaker contributions:  

“It was affirming to hear Marjory Broughton and Dame Philippa Russell, NCAG members, speak about changing the narrative on ageing from a ‘burden to an asset’ and how older people should not be treated as a homogeneous group, they can and do play an important role in our community. 

“I completely agreed with Charles Rendell, CQC about shared values and shared visions rather than working in organisational silos and I realised how easy it is to get caught up in ‘red tape’ on hearing Stephen Chandler, Director of Adult Social Services in Somerset talk about ‘doing what matters, doing the right thing, and if you do this, the money will follow’. 

“It was great to hear some practical case examples we could all learn from. Carol Tozer, Director of Adult Social Care from the Isle of Wight discussed peer exchange between lead providers and commissioners.  Have other provider organisations and councils thought about this? 

“Holly Irwin, National Institute of Excellence led up a conversation on Quality Matters a digital resource that’s simple and effective with clear visuals to unlock potential across Health and Social Care. 

“Last but not least, the Making it Real framework  which really does help us to have good conversation with commissioners, providers and people with lived experience to deliver good care and support planning which truly focusses on “what does a good life look like for me”.  It struck me how this tool is relevant to many strategies, and applicable across a number of sectors”.

I’ll be starting my planning shortly for the next forum event which is due on 7th March in London; in the meantime you can get in touch at