NDTi and Housing Choices

The NDTi is producing a series of papers that pose questions about the reliability of some common held assumptions about different housing arrangements for people with support needs. It suggests that despite a growing range of housing and support solutions there is still an over reliance on traditional forms such as residential or nursing care.

In order to stimulate debate about the continued over reliance and possible increase in use of residential care, and to encourage more serious exploration and consideration of alternative options, NDTi have conducted a small piece of work to scope, define and describe the different housing and support options available for older people, people with learning disabilities and people with mental health problems. From this work they are producing a series of short discussion papers which will be shared between January and March 2017 as follows:

  • Paper 1: Cost and cost-effectiveness of housing and support options (January 2017) – a summary of the evidence available on the cost and cost-effectiveness of residential care compared to other housing and support options, including highlighting significant limitations in the evidence available
  • Paper 2: A proposed typology of housing and support options (February 2017) – acknowledging that a lack of common understanding of terms and definitions can limit understanding of alternatives to residential care, NDTi propose a typology identifying and describing the different housing and support options
  • Paper 3: Characteristics of housing and support options (March 2017) – in response to feedback and comments on the proposed typology, this paper will set out the different characteristics of the housing and support options identified in terms of choice, control, rights and inclusion
  • Paper 4: Policy Recommendations (April 2017) - they will be inviting comments and responses to each paper through an online forum with the intention of encouraging debate on this increasingly significant subject. The debate generated will be used to inform a final position paper with recommendations for policy and practice development. If sufficient interest is generated, NDTi will also host a roundtable event to take this forward.

To see the papers and contribute to the debate go to https://muut.com/housingchoices/