I'm Still Me - a narrative for coordinated support for older people is out

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I'm Still Me is a co-produced narrative which sets out how older people want health and social care services to work together to help improve the quality of their lives.

The publication, developed by older people working with National Voices, UCLPartners, Age UK, Alzheimer's Society, British Geriatrics Society and partners includes a series of 'I statements' describing what good-person centred care looks like for this group of people.

The publication also calls for a national debate on the use of the word 'frail' which is considered unhelpful because older people do not want their lives to be defined by their health condition.

I'm Still Me is one of four new branches of the Narrative for person centred coordinated care (opens new window) launched in 2013. Other branches include:

No Assumptions - a Narrative for Personalised Care and Support in Mental Health

New branches in development will focus on children and young people with complex lives and people nearing the end of life

Don Redding, National Voices' Director of Policy said

Don Redding, National Voices' Director of Policy, said: "Most 'integrated care' programmes target older people as the priority. This document reaffirms that the original Narrative is a good guide to bringing co-ordinated services together around the person; but it particularly challenges healthcare providers to work with others to achieve wider outcomes related to independence and wellbeing, rather than episodic symptom control or prescribing, for example."