Driving Up Quality Code

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Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) welcomes the Driving Up Quality Code for Learning Disability Services, which has been developed in response to the Winterbourne View action plan. TLAP will be working closely with the Housing & Support Alliance and the Winterbourne View joint improvement programme to ensure maximum alignment with Making it Real - the citizen-led programme that checks how organisations are going with making their services personalised, based on what people who use those services say they want.

The aim of the Code is to avoid what happened at Winterbourne View ever happening again. To achieve this, much change is needed in the care sector if good organisations are to flourish and poor providers are to be driven out of the sector.

Dr Sam Bennett, Director of Think Local Act Personal, says:

"Today we are sending a clear message about what is and what is not acceptable practice in supporting people with challenging needs. By working together, sharing learning and understanding different perspectives, we can maximise the impact of the Driving Up Quality Code and Making it Real to ensure the best use of public resources and better outcomes for all people with learning disabilities."

For more information on the Driving Up Quality Code for Learning Disability Services Guide visit the Housing & Support Alliance website.