Covid-19: FAQs for individuals in receipt of a personal budget or personal health budget

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TLAP statement

TLAP welcomes the publication of Frequently Asked Questions (opens new window) for people with direct payments published in response to COVID-19 and issued by Skills for Care. This provides practical advice for direct payment holders, concentrating on the issues that they have raised as well as those of organisations working in this area, which includes TLAP and the National Co-Production Advisory Group. Whilst it doesn’t cover every circumstance or eventuality, the aim is that it will be a live working document that responds to new developments and concerns as they arise. It will sit alongside government guidance on direct payments which we expect to be published shortly.

The TLAP partnership is acutely aware that many people with direct payments and their personal assistants (PAs) are very concerned about getting hold of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The FAQs makes it clear that if a direct payment holder or any member of their household is symptomatic or has a confirmed case of COVID-19, and their PA is providing direct care, PPE is required, and the PA, as an essential worker, will be eligible to receive that. Where the budget is set to purchase PPE this should continue. If not, the Local Authority or Clinical Commissioning Group should provide assistance.

It is vital that this advice is followed at this difficult time as part of a flexible and person-centred approach. Now more than ever, local authorities and clinical commissioning groups must trust people as experts in their own care and provide them with the back-up to make sure they can exercise choice and control to protect themselves, their loved ones, and the people that support them.

 Isaac Samuels, deputy chair of the National Co-production Advisory Group says:

"During these challenging times, personalisation is something that really can support people to have the best possible outcomes, particularly direct payments. Through direct payments personalised approaches are so much more achievable!"