Working together for change: Using person-centred information for commissioning.

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The Department of Health worked with a group of councils, providers, community organisations and people using services to test and refine a method for collating and analysing person-centred information for use in strategic commissioning. We called this process Working together for change.

This practical guide describes a process for planning change with people which provides powerful insights into what is working and not working in their lives as well as their aspirations for the future.

Working together for change can be used to ensure that active partnerships with local people and families are the driving force behind social care transformation programmes, as a vehicle for ensuring effective community engagement in the joint strategic needs assessment (JSNA) and as a tool for strategic commissioning and service development.

It is compatible with work conducted by the DH to design an outcomes-focused review process for self-directed support that works for people and provides valuable performance information for councils so that the outcomes for people and communities can be understood - i.e. it this information in aggregate form that drives the process described in working together for change.

Please see below for a link to outcomes focused reviews: