Social Value of Local Area Coordination in Derby

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A Social Return on Investment Analysis for Derby City Council (SROI) has found that for a three year forecast period with 10 Local Area Coordinators, £4.00 of social value would be earned for every £1.00 invested.

The report was commissioned by Think Local Act Personal and developed from our work with a number of health and wellbeing boards to embed our earlier 'Strong and Inclusive Communities Framework'".

The analysis was initially completed for Thurrock Council based on nine Local Area Coordinators (LAC) in July 2015. Then followed by an analysis for Derby based on ten LAC in November 2015.

The findings our available in two reports: Social Value of Local Area Coordination in Derby - Social Return on Investment (SROI) Analysis, and the Learning Outcomes from Thurrock Council & Derby City Council SROI Analyses.