Shropshire: Working Together Group - Growing a network of support through a community café and social enterprise

Working Together is a registered charity which was started by a group of parents and carers of children with learning disabilities in Ludow, Shropshire. They started the organisation in 2002 in order to increase leisure, training and employment opportunities for their children in this rural area. The group runs a community café in Ludlow, as a focus for the activities.

However, the group has a long-term vision too - which they call Flying Tortoises. The eventual aim is to create permanent housing, work and social solutions. Members, parents and carers devised a plan to cater for all the needs they identified, by developing an 'eco care' community. Thanks to Shropshire Council they have just completed a detailed feasibility study on the proposed community. The next step is to reshape themselves so harness the necessary skills, capabilities and resources to make their dream become a reality. The plan is to ask anyone who can, to contribute time, energy, funds or skills so that they can all play a part in building the community.